Fun fact: Currently, Miami is the most international city in the United States. Our founder is an avid traveler and loves the multicultural aspect of Miami. Instead of bringing back trinkets and souvenirs from her trips, that might not hold the same value to someone who didn’t experience the destination, she found that people loved to try unique treats and sweets. Thus she set out to create a happy interactive space for tourist and locals to experience some of her favorite international treats in her hometown and The Sweet Spot was born.

Our motto is, “Be sweet to one another” and what better way to unite all people than through something that adds some sugar to their life?

There’s something for everyone at The Sweet Spot, because well… everyone has a different “sweet spot”! So add some sugar or sugar-free joy to your life and see what we’re all about. From candies to sodas, gifts, and modern art you’re sure to find something you’ll love.